Grow your small business with persuasive copywriting on your website

Website copywriting for small businesses that Attracts, Connects and Converts your prospects into paying customers

Increase Traffic

Let your prospects find you

Build Trust

Inspire your prospects to be confident in your solution

Boost Sales

Guide your prospects to make a purchase 

But first... Are you the Clueless Entrepreneur?

Confused? Get a copywriter

“I don’t have a clue what to write on my website”

You dream of a geometric increase in sales when the website for your business is finally switched on.

But the reality is you do not have any content. The dreaded “Blank Page Syndrome” is holding you back… And the website developer you hired is still waiting for your content.

“Where do I start? What do I write? How do I write copy for my small business?”

You have not been able to write any copy that will bring the lofty dreams of your small business to life.

Or... Are you the Disappointed Entrepreneur?

“I spent big on my website. Yet, I’m not getting traffic or sales”

Your website content is a “cryptic puzzle.”

The copy is boring… And prospects leave faster than the 100m world record… in search of another solution. .

“My business solutions solve problems for my prospects. But communicating this is a struggle.”

You are heart-broken because your beautifully designed website is not working.

Disappointed Lady with thumbs down

Or... Are you the Overwhelmed Entrepreneur?

Overwhelmed Lady

“I’m overwhelmed with work and don’t have the time to write”

Everyday, you are swamped with managing your staff and operations of your small business.

On top of this, you also have to guarantee that your customers leave your business with a positive and memorable experience.

All of these can be overwhelming.

“I’m knee-deep in confronting the daily challenges of sustaining and growing my small business.”

You don’t have the time to sit down and craft compelling copy for your small business website.

Whether you are the clueless, disappointed or overwhelmed entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry!

I am here to help you write squeaky-clean copy for your website that will attract, engage and convert the right prospects into loyal customers.

Just like you, your techy web developer is not a writer

You need a copywriter that will craft persuasive, prospect-focused copy for your small business website.

Let me help you out

Charle keku sitting on a desk

Hi! I’m Charles… And just like my friends, you can call me Super C!

I’m a freelance copywriter for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I write spellbinding words on websites to help small businesses stand out from competition and crush their sales goals.

…And when I’m not writing irresistible copy, you can find me with my Iphone 11 pro max, gimbal and moment lens making cinematic videos.

What sets me apart?

The quality of research I carry out is what makes me stand out. From your prospects to your products, solutions and competition, I research everything!

This means you always get crisp, prospect-focused, organic search-optimized copy that will increase your website traffic, build trust with your prospects and boost sales.

Getting impeccable website copy for your small business is easy

You Identify your website copywriting need

You relax while I do the copywriting

I deliver a compelling website copy that will captivate your prospects and boost sales

You deserve a website copy that sells